Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Memorable lunch at Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant 李貴(亞蟹)席館


Authentic old school Teochew restaurant Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) at Mosque Street will finally bring down its curtain on 20th December 2015. When many of my foodie friends heard that, there was a mad scramble for reservations.

All tables for dinner are fully taken up until the last day of business. A close friend managed to secure a table for 6 today at 1pm.

pork trotter jelly 

We had 7 dishes  -  the lo ark (Teochew style braised duck), hei zor (deep fried prawn ball), orh jian (oyster omelette), ter ka tan (pork trotter jelly ), braised cabbage with scallops, fried kway teow with preserved radish and kailan vegetable and the divine dessert orh nee (yam paste with gingko nuts and pumpkin).

yam paste with gingko nuts and pumpkin


braised cabbage with scallops


Fried kway teow with preserved radish and kailan vegetable

No signature cold crab and the classic steam white pomfret Teochew style for us as we want to savour the traditional flavours of simple Teochew dishes. It was a good hearty meal to share with good friends.

Current owner of Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant, Lee Huat Kee (the eldest of 3 sons of late founder Lee Chye Hock) came to chat with us.

The restaurant has been in operation since 1968. It is my first visit and will probably be the only time to taste their traditional Teochew cuisine. The restaurant is closing down due to no successor, manpower shortage and rising business costs.

Lee Huat Kee has been working in the restaurant since age 11, it will be a long needed break for him. We sincerely wish him the best and hope he will reopen Lee Kui one day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Home Team Festival 2015 (13 - 15 Nov)


Brought my nephews to the Home Team Festival 2015 on the second day of the event.

The boys were so excited to see the men in uniform. There were interesting and fun activities for everyone ... and awesome photo opportunities with our men in uniform and the cool vehicles.


Just after entering the exhibition hall, there were long queues to board a couple of ships displayed on site. We skipped queuing to see the vessels because the SPF K-9 show was commencing.


The boys were fascinated with the intelligent dogs who demonstrated how they search and rescue victims. After the show, the spectators were allowed to pet the dogs. Some of the children really enjoyed hugging and petting the adorable dogs.

At another show, we watched some officers conduct forcible entry, take down non-compliant criminals and control a riot.


The boys learnt how to handle a fire extinguisher and were so thrilled when they were allowed to try the guns (bullets not included). They were ecstatic to have their pictures taken with the uniform men in their tactical gear. To the young boys, the men seemed like super heroes from movies. haha....


We tried our hand to save 'victims' from disaster areas. They also received gifts of badges, small toys and stickers.  The boys had lots of fun and were reluctant to go home. haha,,,,

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Deepavali 2015 屠妖节快乐

Celebrate the triumph of Goodness over evil. 
May this bright day bless you with health, wealth and prosperity. 
Happy Deepavali.


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