Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pottery Jungle


I love pottery but due to limited space at home, I cannot buy too many. Occasionally I would stopped by the pottery jungle at Jalan Tawas if I am around the vicinity.


Lots of choices if you want to beautify your home or office with pretty art pieces.


I have been eyeing these colourful and intricately designed Peranakan porcelain for quite some time. Not time to buy yet as I would need to discard some of my crockery to create space for them. :)


I was admiring the tranquil rest corner when I met Steven, the artist who created that pretty space and the pottery.

I will be back for the Peranakan crockery. :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Teochew Puppet and Opera House In Penang 潮艺馆


On my Penang tour, the most interesting find of all has to be the Teochew Puppet and Opera House (潮艺馆) located at Lebuh Armenian, George Town.

Housed in a prewar terraced double storey shophouse in a heritage protected zone area gazetted by UNESCO, this amazing museum is privately owned and operated by Ling Goh, the 5th generation of the Kim Giak Low Choon (KGLC 金玉楼春) Teochew Opera Troupe.


I paid an entrance fee of RM10 which included a guided tour of the collections. Stepping inside the building, I was fascinated by the large collection of iron rod Teochew puppets, full dress costumes, head gears and musical instruments.

Teo stage 4

A young man was on hand to answer my questions. He explained the production of the puppets and showed me how to operate one. He let me play with it for a while. It wasn't easy manipulating a puppet, you need skill to do it. :)

Looking at the tiny handmade puppets. their costumes and accessories....., I couldn't help marvelling at such intricate handwork.

They are so adorable! But sorry hor..... they are not for sale.

Teo stage2

After the guided tour, I was left alone to admire the collections and learn more about them as every single piece of the collections in the museum has a story to tell.

Teo stage
an opera stage for scheduled live performance

Owner Ling Goh learnt the art of opera and puppetry from her mother, who has performed in puppet shows for over 50 years.

The museum has displays of Ling Goh's elaborate costumes, beautiful accessories and make-up kits. News articles and pictures of her performances are also displayed on one side of a wall. One can see Ling Goh is passionate about her culture and her love to preserve the art forms.

Teo stage 3

I spent almost two hours in this tiny museum, taking lots of photos. I am very grateful that photo taking is allowed here. I bring back some amazing photos and my precious memories of the fascinating culture, heritage and art of Teochew opera to share with others.

Teochew Puppet and Opera House is worth the visit. Do take some time to relax, admire the collections and have a chat with the staff.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Visit to Orthopaedic Surgery at Tan Tock Seng Hospital


My appointment with Tan Tock Seng Hospital's(TTSH) Orthopaedic Surgery finally arrived. A doctor from Marine Parade Polyclinic saw me on 12 August and referred me to TTSH. I had gone to the same polyclinic in April 2013 to see my backache problems. The lady doctor said I was fine. Well, the pain got worse.

I used to go to Singapore General Hospital's(SGH) Orthopaedic Surgery. My medical reports were with them. When I requested for my appointment to be at SGH, it was turned down. Family members were surprised that I was going to TTSH, they have bad experiences there. They think SGH has better medical professionals.

I arrived at B1A half an hour early for my appointment. I was seen by the doctor at Room 22 an hour later. After an examination, he asked me to go for an x-ray. His nurse told me to follow the yellow foot sticker on the floor to go to the x-ray department. Cute. No maze to play, it leads straight to x-ray....., a short wait and x-ray was done. I like the efficient and courteous radiologist and her male assistant.

The waiting area of the x-ray department has a beverage corner where visitors can help themselves to cups of hot Milo. I had one.

Then it was back to Room 22. Two patients later, my name was called.

Doctor studied my x-rays before telling me both the good news and the bad news. No slipped disc. Yayyyy! Bad news is I have degenerative disc disease,,,,,, getting old.... *sob sob*. It is a term used to describe the normal changes in my spinal discs as I age. This is a disease no one can escape as one ages.

The doctor prescribed physiotherapy sessions and B12 vitamin supplements.


After making my payment for my consultation and x-rays, I was directed to a counter to pre-order my medicine as the pharmacy was one level down and also to avoid a long waiting time. I was given a note which has a map to the pharmacy.

Once I reached the pharmacy, a girl scanned my ID and I just wait for my name to be called. It was fast as everything was computerised and a robotic claw handed my order to a pharmacist.

I wanted the images of my x-rays so I followed the orange foot stickers to the main x-ray department and paid S$30 for a CD-rom copy.

Not a bad experience at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for this appointment.

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